18 Facts About Brain Controls Sex That’ll Keep You Up at Night

Using female mice as a model, the researchers found that the hormone in the brain, (appropriately) called Kiseptan, both pushing to attract the opposite sex and sexual behavior. The researchers discovered that the pheromones secreted by the male mouse activated these neurons, which in turn transmitted this signal to another group of neurons (neurons secreting hormone-directed hormone) to direct gravity to the opposite sex. In parallel, this signal is also transmitted to cells that produce nitric oxide to stimulate sexual behavior.

“This work has provided a new look at how the brain decodes signals from the outside world and then translate these environmental cues for behavior.In many animals, the timing of sexual behavior with ovulation to ensure the maximum possible chance of fertilization , and therefore, so far, we know little about how the brain linked to the attraction of ovulation and sex, and now we know that a molecule of one – kisspeptin – controls all these aspects through different brain circuits. They operate in parallel with each other, said Ulrich Boim, professor of pharmacology and experimental and clinical toxicology at the University of Sarre.

Taken together, these results show that puberty, fertility, attraction and sex are controlled by a single molecule. kisspeptin. This action opens new and exciting possibilities for the treatment of patients with sexual disorders such as sexual dyspepsia disorder. “There are currently no good treatments available for women suffering from low libido.” The discovery that Kisbptin controls both attraction and sexual desire opens up exciting new possibilities for the development of treatments for low sexual desire, “Professor Julie Packer , which conducts the laboratory glands of the nervous endocrine in explained University of Li├Ęge.


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