An Expert Interview About 4 Practical Basics for Healthy Eating

1. Eat healthy – choose products near nature

Most of the products we find in the supermarket have been processed by the food industry. Now this type of food is not a problem “from time to time”, but if you only get processed products, this is not a good thing. Do you want to eat healthy food? Then choose as close as possible to nature.

No, you do not actually have to go to the local farm for a healthy meal. In the supermarket, you can also choose between processed and unprocessed health products or, for example, fresh and packed vegetables.

Therefore, it is better to choose whole-grain high-fiber bread than the white bread processor. For example, brown rice is healthier than white rice.

Use fresh products and check ingredients. The easy rule is the more components, the less healthy you are. Foods that contain many stabilizers and synthetic preservatives are not completely natural.

If you wish, you can choose organic vegetables (for products of animal origin, it is recommended to be organic). But the first step is to choose more vegetables. By choosing more natural foods you can eat more easily.

2. Healthy eating is the choice of contrast.

When you eat a variety, you will (almost) automatically get all the vitamins, minerals and building materials you need to stay healthy. Although it seems difficult to have a varied food it does not have to be anything difficult.

Each group of fruits and vegetables contains their unique and healthy nutrients. By making sure you eat many different plant species, make sure you have a wide range of nutrients. Also, regularly choose fatty fish, white meat, tofu, pulses and nuts.

Use different herbs and spices. Rotate with plant drinks such as soybeans, almonds, rice milk, green tea drinks and herbal tea.

Try to let yourself be surprised by all the flavors of nature. Healthy eating is delicious and enjoyable if you choose the most versatile!

3. Purify your body.

Your body is the most precious thing you have. So you have to look after her. While taking care of a clean kitchen every day, you should also take daily care of your body by eating in a healthy way.

It is important that you clean your body daily from the inside. How to purify your body? Simple:

Drink water regularly regularly. You can always take a cup between the two or put a 1.5 liter bottle on your desk. Water ensures safe disposal of waste. Waste is lost, among other things, through sweat and urine. How do you know if you drink enough? Observe urine color. The more you drink, the more transparent it becomes and the better waste removal. Make sure you clean the first urine after the swimming pool in the morning.

Eat more healthy dietary fiber. Fiber stimulates bowel movements and ensures healthy bowel movement. If your intestines can work more efficiently, your body will remain pure. Fiber can be found in fruits, vegetables, whole grain products, brown rice and oats.

4. Healthy eating is listening to your body.

Your body is a clever object in itself. Monitor, watch, and care for your body. Your body constantly gives you signals that indicate whether it is going well or not.

Respect your body. Do this, for example, by not eating too much. Eat quietly and try the food. Just after about 30 minutes, your body will know that your stomach is filling. If you take your time to eat, it will satisfy more quickly and your body will end the signal. Read more about intuitive nutrition.