Disgusting beauty treatments ever

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Beauty is not about having a
Pretty face….its about Having
A pretty mind Pretty heart
And a pretty soul

Since the beginning of time, it seems as if women have been on a constant search for the best beauty treatments. This is because there is an inherent need for women to look and feel beautiful.
While this is totally understandable and no one would ever dream of begrudging a woman her God given right to beauty, some of the things used in the practice of skin care are absolutely disgusting, as well as quite bizarre. It is actually amazing to wrap your head around some of the techniques women are using to keep themselves in tiptop shape, at least their skin.
If you think you have heard everything there is to hear, put your invisible seat belts on and get ready for the ride of your life. The search for never ending youth and beauty comes with it a very long list of strange practices, which are almost too ugly to be beauty treatments! We know there is an old saying “One must suffer to be beautiful,” but really, does that include losing your lunch?
Read on and see why some of the highest rated products on the market are detestable when you really stop to consider them Unorthodox and New beauty Treatments. Today, there are many unorthodox beauty treatments available that women are simply lining up to try. You in fact, may have even tried some of them yourself, or have been toying with the idea. While many of these bizarre treatments are just on the verge of being on shaky ground with the general population, this doesn’t seem to be stopping women, and even men everywhere from taking the plunge and trying them out.
After all, everyone wants to look like a celebrity! In some areas of the world, the demand for these extraordinary beauty treatments is even more pronounced.
●Lotion made with the foreskin of babies
●Eel exfoliation bath
●Bee stings
●Perfume made of wheel vomit
●Fish pedicure
●Bird poop
●Tapeworm diet

■Lotion made with foreskin of babies;

One product that sounds atrocious, and not like anything any one would ever dream of slathering on their face is baby foreskin. However, amazingly enough, Skin Medical has released a product that claims to literally catapult people back in time, with its anti aging benefits. The price is outrageous, and has been ever since it was first introduced.
Shockingly, this particular product line is selling out faster than it can be stocked! What does this say about our society? Well, for one thing is shows a definite desire to be younger looking, no matter what the method may be!

■Eel exfoliation bath;

Some very expensive bubble baths leave you feeling slimy after you get out of the tub. Their manufacturers prefer to say “moisturized”—but for one treatment, “slimy” is definitely the word. To get that perfect glow in their skin, some people in China are taking baths filled with tiny eels.
Each eel is about the size of a pencil. They wriggle over the body and nibble at the dead skin covering it. This leaves the youthful-looking living skin underneath shining through. Unfortunately, the eels haven’t learned to differentiate between the skin on the outside and the internal membranes.
A gentleman wearing loose underwear in the eel bath felt a sharp pain and found that an eel had found it way in its peins. It took a three-hour surgery to remove the errant fish and prompted other countries to watch out for those looking to import the eels.

■Bee stings;

You should always be wary of following celebrity advice. Being pretty and a good actor does not make you a doctor. Gwyneth Paltrow has gone on record about her beauty treatments, and one of them has a sting in the tail.
The actress told an interviewer:
I’ve been stung by bees. It’s a thousands of years old treatment called apitherapy. People use it to get rid of inflammation and scarring. It’s actually pretty incredible if you research it. But, man, its painful.
The treatment is painful for Paltrow, but it can be deadly, and not just to the bees. One case of liver failure has been linked to apitherapy.
Those unwilling to be actually stung by bees can simply buy cosmetic products containing the venom. Not that it will do anything except speed the decline in bee populations and your bank balance.

●Perfume made of wheel vomit;

Sounds lovely, doesn’t it? Actually, it sounds unrealistic and impossible, but lo and behold, Ambergris, while it has a quite exotic sounding name, contains a base that is made from none other than whale vomit. You do know what that means right?
The supposed claim here is that the scent acts in such a way as to make members of the opposite sex more sexually appealing. In Europe, women have been using the perfume for years! It’s a shame we cannot market our own vomit in such a creative and income generating way!

■Fish pedicure;
Fish Pedicure

Fish aren’t picky eaters. If you dip your toes into a tank of Garra fish, they will quickly dart in and nibble of the dead skin from even the smelliest feet. They are toothless and usually stop at eating the tough outer skin, but there are reports of them taking their feeding frenzy too far and causing bleeding. While the risks of getting an infection from the fish is thought to be very low, there are dangers to dangling your feet in water used by both fish and other clients. Fungal infections could easily spread, and bacteria in the fish tank could cause boils.
Leaving aside the “ick” factor of being eaten by fish that live solely on other peoples’ stinky feet, some legal areas deem the fish to be unsanitary. One Arizona fish spa was shut down, as cosmetic products had to be disinfected and dried before reuse—obviously not an option with fish.


Photo credit: Dennis Gray/AP via The Guardian
Snail facials are a beauty treatment in which live snails glide across your face. The trail of gel they leave behind is said to fight the signs of aging. Snails have been used for thousands of years to treat inflammation, so there may be something to it. Snail facial specialists say they reduce scars, acne, and stretch marks. There is no scientific confirmation of this, however—so perhaps wait before you plop some snails on your face.
For those who cannot stand the idea of snails rasping at their skin with their radula (a toothed, tongue-like structure) you can buy creams that contain snail gel. The snails exude the gel, which is said to be more effective when they are stressed. There is no information on how the makers of snail gel cream go about stressing out their snails, but it’s unlikely these creams are animal-friendly.


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