Here Come New Ideas for Brain Tumor

We all know the name “brain tumor”. But how many of us know what each brain tumor really is? Very few Well, having some knowledge about the tumor will not hurt too much. Or it can be useful as information in itself and can help you better understand the disease if someone around you goes through it.

What is a brain tumor?

Normally, abnormal cells that spread or start to grow out of control are known as tumors. However, it is necessary to understand the difference between benign and malignant tumors. The benign tumor usually does not go to other parts of the body. Therefore, they are not serious. However, malignant tumors can spread to other parts of the tissue or brain and, later on, can damage them to the point where they can alter the brain. That’s why doctors call it “brain tumors” instead of “brain cancer.” The brain tumor due to its nature can easily spread elsewhere

Cells or tissues of the brain and spinal cord

The tumor that develops in the tissues or cells of the brain is as follows:

1) glial cells

Stellar cells
Low dendritic
Neural cells
2) Microglia

3) Neurons

4) Meningitis

5) Choroidal plexus

Causes and causes of the brain tumor

There are several reasons for the cause of a brain tumor. However, according to the American Cancer Society, 1.3% of deaths occur in adults and children due to brain or spinal cord cancer. However, according to the same report, people who develop spinal cord cancer and bone marrow cancer are more common in white people, or may say they are common. Cancer is very common in women.

The causes of cancer are many. However, it is reported that 5% of brain tumors are hereditary. Some other causes of brain tumors are the following:

It is said that electromagnetic fields are the cause of a brain cell phone or a wireless brain tumor.
People who, due to their profession, are exposed to chemical products such as asbestos, arsenic, pesticides, etc. You can become a victim of such tumors.
Infection or calcium intake in the human diet can be the cause of the brain tumor.
People with allergies can also become victims of brain tumors.
Another cause of a brain tumor may be the use of hair dyes or spray by people in your hair.

Brain tumor treatment

The treatment of the brain tumor is different. There are many methods that are used to treat a brain tumor. Some of them are the following:

Surgery: Surgery can be used to treat tumors in the brain and spinal cord.
Radiation Radiation is another option for treating brain and spinal cord tumors in adults.
Chemotherapy: Chemotherapy is also an option that can be used to treat brain and spinal cord tumors.

What treatment should I take?

The treatment of the brain tumor is different from several factors, since it also depends on the individual. However, some factors that must be taken into account before seeking a cure are the following:

Age and general health of the individual.

The type of tumor that is diagnosed in addition to its location.
Take into account one’s feelings about the side effects of the treatment that is about to be chosen.
Percentage of treatment results. How effective treatment will be in treating a person’s tumor.


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