How My Journey Can Help You Predict the Future

I am the mother of a beautiful three-year-old girl and the wife of an amazing support couple. It was a long emotional journey for us to get pregnant. Our trip did not stop there. I had a terrible pregnancy that resulted in severe morning sickness and sciatica.

I was under the consultant for heart problems and IVF. I had several hospital admissions due to heart rate and immobility. I had to see the physiotherapist at the end because the back pain and the pain in the legs was a lot. When I started my work four weeks earlier, even though everything was over and it was safe. I thought the worst was over.

I took to blogging to share my experiences with the hope that the new parents will help me along the way. For a father who feels at home he feels lonely, he feels he wants to finish. I was there. I still have those days

The difference is that now I know I’m not alone.

I suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder and postpartum depression after a painful delivery. I have written about my experience through my staff. The happiest and happiest day of my life. It took me a long time to open, and I have a therapist and my husband to thank them for the support they gave me. I had Cognitive Behavioral Therapy – Cognitive Brain Therapy for two and a half years.

Something I learned is that we all have bad days and we feel guilty at some point in our lives. Even if you do not have a mental illness.

I think that if you suffer from a mental illness, the increase of emotions will make it more strict when you are at the bottom.

I have days when I do not want to get out of bed. These days, no matter what my husband tells me, I think he’s an idiot and can not stand it.I imagine packing a suitcase, getting into my car and driving away.I’m angry inside, very angry and crying.The next day, I’m almost fine as if it never happened.

It must be difficult for someone when you never know in what state of mind you are, not only that day, but in that moment. Yes, that makes me look like an evil wife and mother, but that’s mental illness. Absorb your light. It hardly takes every ounce of your energy as it advances in your mind at full speed.

What would happen if? What I can do? I can not? Round and round thoughts.

The truth is that it took me a year of treatment and started the same thing to start. You have to break. You need to spend time to allow the comfort of my mind. I remember that he was sitting there thinking that he would ask for a magic wand and a witch * to spend a leisure time.

If I look back on my situation physically and mentally as I am, now I know that having time for you and your time as a couple is very important. Your marriage or society does not end when you have children.

I found my medical notes while unpacking the box the other day and there was a black and white color

Sepsis Surgery required.
Device failed?
Blood clot
Inflammation of infected blood?

Look back, and to this day, yellow how terrible the situation is. My daughter almost lost her mother. My husband and his wife I have days to think and think about what would happen if?

I’m fighting for the anniversary, his birthday every year. Even after three years, my husband calls it our strong day. He always has a gift and a small message for me, to cheer me up. I concentrate a lot on making sure it’s perfect for her. Almost like I have to recover the first year. I can only go around the clock for an hour, thinking about what happened. What I remember anyway.

I learned that when I have a bad day, I have to take some time off. I’m not good for anyone else.

Here are some ideas that can help.

Be honest and honest with your partner. It will accumulate inside you only and you will not understand if you did not tell them how you feel. It will be difficult. But at least they will know why you act like you are. You can support him and be by his side when you need him most.

When they are ready to take advantage of it. I struggled with this and criticized everything he did. You are more durable than her. I went again and again for what I did and did not want it to do. Forgetting is your father too. He took me sitting down and I explained that I could not stop. Even when he was not with her, he looked at the clock and thought about what to do.

He understood me and told me to write his routine and that he would stick to it and send me a photo or a text to tell me how it was. It was the most stressful spa experience I have ever had.


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