How to Stay Popular in the Sex World ???

Teens who are willing to exploit others for their personal benefit are more likely to intimidate and have sex than those who score higher with a degree of honesty and modesty. According to a study in the Springer Journal of Evolutionary Psychiatry conducted by Daniel Provenciano of the University of Windsor in Canada.

Researchers believe that bullying can be more than just unwanted behavior. In fact, it may have developed as a means for men to show dominance and power, to point out to women that they have a good breeding ground and that they can protect their children and meet their needs. From an evolutionary perspective, man’s dominance can make him more attractive to his potential sexual partners, as well as intimidating potential competitors.

Provenzano and his colleagues investigate individual personal differences that can make someone more willing and able to use intimidation methods when competing for sexual partners than others. Two groups of participants were identified: 144 older adolescents (18.3 years old) and 396 younger adolescents (average 14.6 years old). Participants were asked to fill out questionnaires about their sexuality and a series of sexual partners, as well as about the repetition of bullying.

Through another questionnaire, the researchers learned more about six different aspects of the personalities of the participants, such as their willingness to cooperate with others, or to exploit and antagonize others. The latter is measured by considering how acceptable and emotional someone is to adapt, and how honest and humble they are. Those who do not record an increase in these recent actions tend to exhibit antisocial personality traits and then feel intimidated.

Provenzano found that younger people who scored less on “honesty-humility” were more likely to use bullying techniques to search for sexual partners than others.

“Older teens in” honesty integrity “can strategically manipulate others in various ways to get more sexual partners,” says Provenziano. “Our findings indirectly suggest that exploitative adolescents may have more sexual partners if they can use behavior like bullying to attack the weakest people.”

According to Profizano, adolescents who are reduced to “honesty-humility” can also use bullying as a sexual strategy to show traits such as power and hegemony to attract the opposite sex. They can also use intimidation to put their competitor in a bad light, or to threaten competitors to withdraw from domestic sexual rivalry in order to gain interest when it comes to potential sexual partners.

“Our findings indicate that research and intervention efforts with older and younger adolescents need to identify, respond to, and respond to interpersonal, sexual, and bullying relationships,” Profenzano explains.


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