Unbelievable The Effects of Sex Success Stories

A new study comparing male and female athletes examined whether there were obvious gender-related differences in the severity of post-concussion symptoms and the duration of recovery. In addition, there are important statistical differences between male university athletes and women in the university, differences have been reported among women who depend on the use of hormonal contraceptives in the study published in the Neurotrauma, a journal has been reviewed by Mary Ann Liebert, editors .

“Sexual differences and inhibitions hormonal effects on outcomes after the collective commotion associated with sports”, co-written by Virginia Gallagher, Feinberg School of Medicine, Northwestern University (Evanston, Illinois) and colleagues at Northwestern University and Edward Hines, the Department of Veterans Hospital Jr. (IL). The researchers measured the severity of maximum symptoms after concussion among the study participants and the length of recovery time, which was defined as the time period between the injury and the time it was restored to return to the full game. . Among the group of female participants in the study, the researchers compared the results between hormonal contraceptives and non-hormone users.

Says John Bovljehuk, editor-in-chief of the newspaper Neurotrauma: “This study addresses an important area of ‚Äč‚Äčinterest in contemporary dialogue, providing evidence of differential reproductive outcomes between male and female athletes.” “Although the study, as noted by the authors, have several limitations, it does provide new and useful information, especially with respect to the issue of gender differences in the length of recovery from the clonic lesion, thus preparing the way for the continuation of the investigation. “


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