What Experts Are Saying About Asthma

Have you ever experienced a situation in which breathing becomes difficult, unable to speak or ask for help due to severe stiffness in your chest? There is constant wheezing with excessive cough. You can have an asthma attack.

Because inhalers and other drugs are widely available, asthma may not appear on paper as a threat. However, the results offer a different perspective and should be cause for concern. Asthma The United Kingdom publishes data on the disease every year. It is estimated that 5.4 million people in the United Kingdom currently suffer from asthma. Including 1.1 million children. These data mean that of every 12 people, one is likely to suffer from this condition. What is even more surprising is that in 2016 alone, 1410 people died of asthma. Recent data such as 2017 indicate that of the total number of people with asthma, a quarter of them can not climb the stairs without difficulty breathing.

The results confirm a crucial point: asthma is dangerous. It should be treated with care and it is necessary to seek specialized medical care if the symptoms become very severe. In addition, parents must control the health of their children where asthma is more likely to occur at a younger age.

What is asthma?

Asthma is a lung disease that causes inflammation of the lungs, which mainly causes wheezing, coughing and stiffness in the chest.

A healthy, normal person will have a gentle breath of air with the proper inhalation and exhalation of air. Oxygen will pass through the airways in the lungs and enter the bloodstream, where it will be used to breathe, which releases energy. At the same time, carbon dioxide will be emitted from the same corridors.

The person with asthma will suffer from swollen airways with tight muscles lining the lungs. As a result, it prevents the exchange of air and the blood flow can not obtain the required oxygen. The mucus begins to accumulate in these passages, which further obstructs the passage of air. This whole process leads to a strong cough and shortness of breath that medical scientists commonly call “asthma attack”.

Classification of asthma

Although more or less symptoms appear similar in all types of asthma, lung scientists classify six types:

Asthma asthma:

May be seasonal or due to any natural substance such as food, pollen or cat hair. It is commonly known as external asthma because it is caused by allergens.
Non-allergic asthma: irritants in the air are the main contributors to this type that can be in the form of pollution, air fresheners, perfumes or tobacco smoke
Alternative cough Asthma: the only type that does not participate in the symptoms of asthma. Asthma CVA or variable cough is characterized by a long period of dry cough.
Exercise induced by asthma: symptoms appear after a few minutes of exercise, which makes it difficult to continue.
Nighttime asthma: asthma gets worse during the night, leading to a severe concussion, sleep disturbances and panic disorder.
Professional asthma: when it is known that the symptoms intensify due to environmental change. Dust, industrial chemicals, gases and dyes can cause an asthma attack. People who work in factories are more susceptible to this type of asthma.
Symptom expectations

The American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology published data and data on asthma. 26 million people in the United States will be affected by this condition every year. However, most of them will not be familiar with this at the beginning because moderate symptoms may not have the opportunity to express

Which leads to a very important point: the symptoms of asthma can vary a lot from people to people. Some of the victims of this disease will often find an attack situation, while others will never have this condition, for months or even years! The size of the symptoms may depend on the type of asthma disease for the same cause of the attack. For example, patients with asthma-induced exercise will be attacked only when they exercise and may not be present in other cases.

How to determine asthma?

The cough can be dry and wet. It is one of the first signs of an asthma attack and can last a long time.

The whistle is the whistle a person makes when air comes out of the air through the airways that are contracted into the lungs. It can be easily identified and can also occur when the patient suffers from pneumonia.

Oppression in the chest occurs due to the muscular contraction that lines the chest area. As a result, a person may experience severe pain, which makes breathing difficult.


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