What is sexual health in United States (USA)?

Close-up of the feet of a couple on the bed

What is sexual health?

Sexual health has a healthy body. A satisfying sex life Appreciate and feel good about yourself. After the tranquility. Positive relationships, both short and long term. Experience pleasure, intimacy and joy. Avoid sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and unwanted pregnancies. These are just some of the important benefits of good sexual health.

Sexual health means being able to enjoy a healthier body, a satisfying sex life, positive relationships and tranquility. It also means enjoying your sexuality and taking care of you and your partners throughout your life. Being free to talk about sexual health with your partner and your caregiver is the key to your health.

Steps to work on good sexual health

NCSH has identified five main steps that can help people achieve good sexual health:

  • Evaluate who you are and decide what is best for you
  • Treat your partners well and expect them to treat you well
  • Build positive relationships
  • Become smarter about your body and protect it
  • Make sexual health part of your health care routine


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