Why Family Planning Will Make You Question Everything

Unwanted pregnancy can cause many problems. Contraceptive methods are essential for women with sexual dynamics and people with a unique marriage relationship. Different contraceptive strategies have been perfected for some years.

In addition, overpopulation has been a problem in recent years. It was an important issue that could be a cause of extreme poverty and economic crisis. One approach to controlling this problem is to use strong contraception.

Nowadays, many successful contraceptive techniques that work in different ways and have a different type of elevation and negativity are available. This article can be useful to identify a preventive preventive strategy to take advantage of.

Different forms of contraception

Here are some outstanding contraceptive methods to avoid unwanted pregnancies:


It implies abstaining completely from any sexual activity. This must be done with mutual understanding between the accomplices. You must know how to postpone saturation. In addition, it helps to counteract any sexually transmitted infection.

Avoid any sexual activity that provides 100% complete safety. Self-control is certainly a deeply described type of distinctive natural prevention technique.

Barrier technologies

Barrier strategies include the use of devices to prevent pregnancy physically. Diaphragm and well-known male condoms. Female condoms are a less used strategy. Condoms, usually made of latex or polyurethane, cover the penis to prevent sperm from entering the vagina.

The membranes, used by women, are included in the vagina to block the entrance of sperm. A similar approach applies to condoms that are larger than male condoms. All these contraceptives reduce the risk of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

The cervical caps are smaller than the diaphragm and relatively less rigid. Another method is the use of contraceptive sponge. It is loaded with spermicide and enters the vagina.

Calendar strategy

The evaluation technique is based on estimates of the menstrual cycle for women. A woman needs to follow her menstrual cycle. Calculate the days that are supposed to be fertile for him in light of his last cycle.

At what point the woman realizes her fertility in light of the estimates, should she stay away from sex. In the event that the lady is not fertile in light of the estimates, sex is conceivable. Simple calendar strategy. It is 100% successful.

Basal body temperature

This is one of the strategies you can rely on to determine a woman’s fertility. This depends on the temperature of your body. The lady seeks to control the temperature of her body after waking up before leaving bed every day.

If the temperature increases between 0.2 and 0.5 ° C sequentially, the couple should stay away from the sex between the first days of the menstrual cycle until the third consecutive temperature rise of the body. With proper verification, it will be 100% successful.

Hormonal contraceptive techniques

Hormone hormones indicate the regulation of hormones to restrict ovulation. Pills are typical examples and cushions. The pills are taken within one day each day for 21 days after the ingestion of a pill without weekly pills or seven days of sugar pills. Another cereal cycle is taken once a weekend.

Preventive cereals are COC or POP (progestin only). POP (progestin only) contains only progestin compounds, suitable for smokers, women with high blood pressure, medical history of migraines and blood clots.

Although they are powerful to prevent pregnancy, COCs have symptoms and contraindications in women with the above mentioned conditions. Excessive bleeding is a typical murmur, since it is menopause (lack of menstrual period) during the first year. If so, joint research centers can help improve some conditions such as the menstrual cycle, iron deficiency, dysmenorrhea (pain and seizures during the menstrual cycle) and pelvic inflammatory disease.

Preventive patches are another option. It is related to the skin and the discharge of progestin and estrogen to prevent pregnancy. A recipe is required to buy them. Like the discs, the points have symptoms until now that appear in an unexpected way. The most widely recognized differences are seizures, nausea, dizziness, breast pain, stomach pain and an appendicitis disorder. Most reactions reduce a few months in use.


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